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There is a general perception in the market place that the best time to be selling your home is during the spring and summer months. Contrary to this general belief, the best time to be selling is when supply is low and demand is high. This is generally during the winter months May through to September. But, really, it's whenever you can make your home feel like a real home-sweet-home. If you're selling a home and buying another more expensive one, then the best market to suit you is a falling market. What you lose on your sale price will be more than picked up on your buy price.

Price high? Price low? No price at all? It can be a challenge to know what the correct price for your home is prior to listing. If you price too high, you can turn the best buyers off your home. If you price too low, you mislead buyers and set a low expectation in the market place. The best price to list is at market price. A market price is the price point where there is interested buyers.

Two facts - 1. Real estate agents love auctions more than consumers do. 2. A minority of properties as a whole sell at auction. The vast majority of properties sell by way of negotiation. There are several different methods of sale and it is important you understand the different methods so you can make an informed decision so you can achieve the highest possible price.


We'll get you the highest possible price. Our agency is backed up by a wealth of experience in buying and selling real estate as a full-time profession for decades. Kim, herself, is a third generation real estate professional.

We genuinely care!! And we operate on a no fees until happily sold basis. Talk to us and you will quickly discover our differences.



If your home is open for inspection and a theft occurs, your insurance company will probably not cover you for your losses. Lookers are classed as invited guests.

They'll either reject it or offer a lower price.

That's the main ingredient you're looking for in an agent. Everything else is irrelevant unless you trust the person who is going to be looking after what is probably your most valuable financial asset.

If you are not happy with their service, they will immediately release you from their selling agency agreement.

Selling is expensive. Have you considered staying and renovating or some other option? Discuss this with an ethical agent.

Yes, it's hard, but try and think of the sale as a purely financial transaction. You'll create another love-filled home somewhere else.

Seriously. That's why you need to choose carefully.

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